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After emerging victorious from the brutal battle for the Dragonheart, where the dwarves of Lok-Badar and the Dragonpeaks Barbarians fought side by side repelling the Orr'ugs at great cost, the dwarves now turn their resolute gaze to Frostheart Island, where the lost dwarven kingdom of Goldvein now languishes under the tyrannical rule of a dread Great Linnorm.

Lead by the raging hero Tarum Bloodhammer, Warlord Durnir master of great beasts, and the blood priestess of Duum Thyra, a formidable horde of dwarven berserkers and their mighty warbeasts set sail to Frostheart. Driven by ancient grudges, the dwarves prepare to reclaim Goldvein from the jaws of the Linnorm and its vile Lizardmen, or perish in the heroic attempt. 

Dwarves Berserkers

Forged in the harsh lands of Skutagaard, the Dwarven Berserkers epitomize the relentless spirit of their kin. Armed with meticulously crafted hammers and ornate axes, they charge into battle with unparalleled ferocity, driven by a primal rage that knows no bounds. Each swing of their weapons is fueled by an unyielding grudge and fury, a burning desire to reclaim the honor lost to the ravages of time and war.

Dwarf Berserkers take great pride in their appearance, often adorning themselves with intricate braids in their beards and sporting aggressive hairstyles such as long crests or horned helmets to intimidate their foes.

They eschew traditional armor, opting for minimal protection over mobility. They embody the fury of a stormy mountain: ferocious as a tempest yet unyielding and steadfast as the stone itself.


Behemot Riders

Mounted atop the Dragonpeaks Behemoths, towering beasts resembling massive horned rhinoceroses, the dwarves charge into combat with thunderous force, trampling all who stand in their path. These ferocious creatures, tamed through centuries of dedication and sacrifice by the Dragonpeaks Barbarians, now stand as loyal allies to the dwarves.

Gifted to them as a token of gratitude for their valor in the Battle of the Dragonpeaks, the Behemoths have become invaluable assets in the dwarves' quest for reclaiming Frostheart Island.

Behemoths follow orders to battlecry and music, which is why the leader of the Behemoth rider unit uses war drums on its top to lead the march and charge of the Behemoths. Together, dwarven riders and beasts form an unstoppable force, striking fear into the hearts of their enemies and inspiring awe in all who witness their fury.

With their might, the dwarves are poised to confront the hordes of Lizardmen and the dread Great Linnorm, reclaiming what is rightfully theirs.

Durnir, Berserker Lord 

“Until Goldvein is liberated, my grudge remains unbroken, and my resolve unwavering."
- Durnir, Berserker Lord and Master of Beasts.

Durnir, the Berserker Lord, is an ancient dwarf warrior whose strength and resilience defy his age. Hailing from a noble family with roots in Goldvein, his ancestors fell to the dread Great Linnorm while he was sent to the mainland of Skutagaard to train young dwarves of Lok-Badar in the art of the berserker. Though he regrets not having participated in the battle, his grudge remains unquenched until Goldvein is liberated.

As years passed in the mainland of Skutagaard, Durnir delved deeper into the ways of the wild, honing his skills as a beastmaster. His bond with the Skutagaard Mammoth grew strong, and together, they became a formidable force on the battlefield. With each battle, Durnir channels the primal fury of the beasts under his command, leading his fellow dwarves with unwavering determination and unyielding resolve.

A trusted ally of Krommir the Barbarian of the Dragonpeaks, Durnir's loyalty knows no bounds, extending not only to his people but also to their human allies.

Tarum Bloodhammer 

"I have slain Trolls, Jotunns, armies of Orr'ugs... yet, my greatest fear remains: to grow old and perish of age before encountering a worthy adversary."
Tarum Bloodhammer  – Berserker Hero.

Tarum Bloodhammer, the embodiment of dwarven fury, is famed for his unmatched ferocity and unyielding resolve, laying waste to any who dare oppose him.

His legend was born amidst the chaos of an alliance between goblin and troll who destroyed a a village near the Svartwoods.

Discovered by King Alvar amidst the aftermath of the raid, a young dwarf child of uncertain parent was found in a cave amidst the carnage, his hands stained with the blood of several dead monsters. Despite his tender age of eleven, Tarum had already proven himself a formidable warrior, having single-handedly dispatched half a dozen goblins and even managed to slay a troll with his bare hands, driving its own tusk into its skull. The trauma made him forget his past, uncapable of speaking and to name his parents.

Raised by King Alvar as one of his own, Tarum grew to embody the resilience and strength of the dwarven people. Though whispers abound of his divine lineage, with oracles prophesying him to be a child of Duum, the Lord of Blood and War, Tarum cares little for such matters.

His only concern is the destruction of his foes and the reclamation of dwarven lands lost to the ravages of time and war, characteristic that aligns with the prophecy of the children of Duum, who will battle against each other, untill only one of them will emerge as a true avatar of this chaotic diety, now trapped into his realm out of the mortal plane.

It is said that Tarum's fury burns brightest when faced with the greatest of adversaries, such as the dread Great Linnorm that holds dominion over Goldvein. Driven by the will to annihilate the greatest threats to Skutagaard, Tarum's quest for vengeance knows no bounds.

Should he succeed in slaying the Great Linnorm, his fury will not be quenched until even greater monstrosities, such as the Lich Lord Skutagaard and the Troll King Drungvandel, are vanquished.

Thyra - Blood Priestess of Duum

"With every drop of blood spilled, we offer tribute to Duum, fueling our relentless pursuit of victory."
Thyra, Blood Priestess of Duum.

In the Dwarven pantheon, numerous Lords are venerated, and though some are believed to be dormant, the dwarves understand that the only way to ensure their future return and receive their favor, albeit not as potent as when the Lords walked Mundus, is to continue venerating them.

Among the ancient Lords of Mundus revered by the dwarves and their heralds, stands Duum, a controversial deity.

Duum reigns as the lord of blood and war, yet serves as a patron whom the dwarves invoke in times of great conflict.

Berserkers, in particular, take pride in being vessels through which Duum's rage can empower them to achieve feats beyond mortal capability. Whether it is true magic or the power of the mind at work, none can say, but Duum's name is often invoked on the battlefield.

Thyra, the enigmatic Blood Priestess of Duum, channels her deity's fury through mystical chants and bloody rituals, inspiring the berserkers to greater acts of strength and courage in battle.

Believing Tarum to be the prophesized child of Duum, and the first one to be of dwarven race, Thyra's faith in her cause is unshakeable.

Though Duum's priestesses are viewed with skepticism by dwarven society, in times of great need and war, prejudices are set aside as Duum's favor is sought before embarking on seemingly hopeless battles.

Skutagaard War Mammoth  

The Skutagaard War Mammoth, a legendary beast of unparalleled size and fortitude, serves as a formidable mount for the dwarven forces.

Tamed by Durnir through years of patience and dedication, it towers over the battlefield like a living mountain, its thunderous footsteps striking fear into the hearts of all who oppose it.

It becomes an unstoppable force of destruction, trampling foes beneath its massive bulk and unleashing devastation with each swing of its tusks. With raging dwarven berserkers throwing axes atop its back or skilled dwarven mountaineers archers, it rains death upon the enemy ranks, turning the tide of battle in favor of the dwarven host.

Dwarven Stone Idols 

Scattered across the windswept plains of Frostheart Island, the Dwarven Stone Idols stand as silent sentinels of dwarven craftsmanship and legacy.

Carved from the ancient stone of the island itself, these towering pillars serve as monuments to the fallen heroes and revered ancestors of the dwarven race.

Adorned with intricate carvings and faces, they mark the sacred burial places and cairns of generations past, their weathered surfaces bearing witness to the passage of time and the enduring spirit of the dwarven people.

As symbols of resilience and remembrance, they stand as the indomitable will of the dwarven race carved in the stone, and their unyielding determination to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.