As a horde of Orr'ugs gathers around the Dragonpeaks to claim the Dragonheart, the Dragonlord Kromatur sends a signal to the brave dwarves of Skutagaard for help.

Sworn to an oath of allegiance that the dwarves will not betray, the Mountain King Alvar Jotunnbani answers the call of the dragon cult and not only sends his finest warriors, the order of Lok-Badar Defenders, but joins them in the epic battle of the Dragonheart on the foothills of the Dragonpeaks.

Lok-Badar Defenders

Forged in the fire of battle deep within the mountain of frozen Skutagaard, the Dwarves of Lok-Badar have hundreds of years of history of battling Trolls, Orr'ugs, and recently even the dread armies of Draugar of the Lich Lord.

The warm halls of Lok-Badar are famed for the continuous sound of a thousand hammers beating the finest metals, and for the golden reflection of the rivers of mead illuminating the intricate mosaics on the walls of this city-state.

The valiant and stout Defenders of this fortress proudly wear their finely decorated rune armor and armor by Skutagaard's finest dwarven smiths, the vanguard of craftsmanship of which the dwarven people pride themselves.

Dwarven Gryphon Riders

Powerful and wide feathered wings, muscular leonine body and the head of a proud rock eagle: this is how the majestic Gryphon of the Skutagaard peaks presents itself.

Natural enemies of the wyverns, these intelligent winged predators have forged an alliance with the Dwarves of Skutagaard for centuries, living in symbiosis with them and serving as perfect battle mounts.

Tremble, enemies of Lok-Badar, for few foes are as formidable as a dwarf hammer-thrower on a Skutagaard Gryphon’s back!

Alvar Jotunnbani

“May my spirit be banished forever from the gilded Great Mead Halls if even one filthy ogre sets foot in my keep!" - Alvar Jotunnbani, King of the Dwarves of Skutagaard.

The legendary battle at Jotunn Pass shook the earth for days, and the heroic Alvar, once crown prince to the Mountain Throne, found himself with a handful of wounded soldiers battling half a dozen angry frost giants. As told in the epics of Skald Flokir, who witnessed that ill-omened day first-hand, the dwarven prince rode the Gryphon king Thrumagogg after his father's death at the hands of an enemy general, slaying the giant and the rest of the Ice Jotunn to death. Thus, on the same day, the king's funeral took place, and Alvar was crowned in his place with his new title: Jotunnbani, Bane of the Giants.

The warrior king protects the free peoples of Skutagaard and its environs with wisdom and honour, and will not rest until all threats have subsided. Following his grandfather’s oath to the last Dragonlord Kromatur, the next task of Alvar and his chosen warriors will be to defend the Dragonpeaks and the Dragonheart divine artifact from the Orr'ug invasion.

Skald Flokir Vindurrodd

"There is a song for every difficult moment, for every battle. And the ones that instill courage in the darkest moments are the most beautiful ones."
Flokir Vindurrodd – Skald and Storyteller of Lok-Badar.

The figure of the Skald, warrior poet and storyteller, is a fundamental part of dwarven culture. The Skald inspires his allies in the midst of battle with powerful songs that tell the tale of heroes old and new, and after the battle is over he writes poems and songs to pass down stories and legends to the dwarven people.

And there is no more famous Skald than Flokir Vindurrodd among the halls of Lok-Badar, warrior and storyteller known as the Voice of the Wind throughout the western lands. This old Skald's voice is said to echo through the battlefields with the might of a chorus of ten dwarves, at the same time that he hurls bolts and plunges his Axe-Bow into the skulls of his enemies.

Thrumagogg - The Gryphon King

The King of the Gryphons of Skutagaard is an ancient and wise specimen, belonging to that lineage of ancient winged beasts that communicate verbally like humans. With its magnificent plumage and graceful body, this mighty Gryphon took his name Thrumagogg, "storm beak", in Dwarven, due to its deadly ability to hurl lightning bolts from his jaws.

Ancient beasts of infinite knowledge like the king of the gryphons are increasingly rare, and their advice is always valued and honored, the few times they want to utter a word. Even the king of the Dwarves confides in his old friend Thrumagogg about important decisions.

Runa the Warrior

At the Smoked-Hog inn, one of the most famous and prestigious inns in Lok-Badar, dances the beautiful Runa. When she's not working at the Inn she's usually breaking Kobold and Goblin bones in the lower tunnel, together with the Defenders of the city.

The Mountain Throne

Considered one of Lok-Badar's greatest masterpieces, and perhaps the dwarves' most precious treasure, the Mountain Throne is generally enshrined in the throne room of the fortress below the mountain. It was made in a forgotten age, in times so ancient that Giants and Dwarves were still friends. As the ancient tradition dictates, during the war the Mountain King is transported by four powerful Throne-bearers on his throne devastating the enemy lines, until he reaches the enemy general, so that he can prostrate himself to the King of the Dwarves and beg for mercy. If this does not happen, the king of the dwarves will descend from his throne and challenge his enemy to a duel.