The nomadic and resilient Orr'ugs of the Steppes are descendants of the orc and ogre tribes who have been driven from the mountains by long wars with dragons. Inheriting strength and courage from their ancestors, the Orr'ugs measure valor by martial prowess and reverence for ancient traditions.

The hunting techniques of the Orr'ug wolfrider archers are renowned and feared across the continent.

Orr’ugs Wolf Riders

The mighty, thick-coated steppe wolves have been inseparable hunting companions of the Orr'ug tribes since time immemorial.
Larger and fiercer than ordinary wolves, they have been trained in warfare tactics and enable Orr'ug archers to shoot arrows with precision.
When a steppe wolf falls in battle, his cloak will be worn on the belt by his rider to honor his valor, and his enormous fangs will be used to adorn his headdress, so that the wolf spirit may always watch over him.

Tulguur Blue-Wolf

“Nothing shall escape my falcon’s sight" - Tulguur Blue-Wolf, Orr’ug Shaman.

The massive Orr'ug with the long braided beard and mischievous smile is the mighty shaman called Tulguur, the one who is said to have inherited the powers of the ancient Blue Wolf revered by the Orr'ug centuries ago.

As is customary among the shamans of the tribes, Tulguur is accompanied by a cunning falcon with which he is able to communicate telepathically through his shamanic powers. As right-hand man to Khan Avarga, Tulguur trains young Orr'ugs in the ancient traditions and arts of warfare.

Though a formidable fighter, Tulguur's true strength lies in the incinerating power of his arcane lightning.

Khan Avarga Tomor-Gar

"The Orr'ug will take back the Dragonpeaks, I swear it on my spirit-blessed axe!" - Avarga Tomor-Gar – Khan of the Orr’ugs.

Avarga Tomor-Gar is the supreme leader of the Orr'ug tribes, the khan, the commandress of legend, the one who has led the clans to dozens of battles and always emerged victorious.

Her gigantic runic axe has been blessed by the demigoddess Umai, and is capable of slicing through living and spirits: an artifact wich Avarga vowed to use to slay the dragonlord Kromatur.

Thanks to Avarga, the tribes of Orr'ug who once fought each other for control of the steppes are now a formidable army that poses a real threat to the peoples of Rotvar.

Uul-Bavgar the Giant Bear

Legends say that gigantic animals live near the Dragonpeaks, ancient divine creatures capable of communicating with mortals and leading the beasts against those who do not respect their kingdom. One of them is Uul-Bavgar, spirit of the Dragonpeaks mountains, the mystical giant bear enemy of dragons and wyverns.

Tulguur met this divine beast mortally wounded following a battle against the Barbarians of the Dragon cult, and helped him recover by providing him with shamanic healing and dressing his wounds.

The mighty bear-god made a pact of alliance with the Orr'ug, vowing to assist them in their final battle against the dragonlord Kromatur and his cult if in the future the Orr'ugs decide to drive dragons and wyvern away from those mountains.

Umai the Oracle

The wise and authoritarian Umai is the spiritual guide of the Orr'ug, the seer who unified all the tribes under the cult of spirits, protectress of ancient rituals and traditions.
To the Orr'ug, Umai is a semi-divine creature, revered as a goddess of fate and fertility.
Umai's enigmatic predictions narrate that one day, the Orr'ug will return to the Dragonpeaks, which was formerly the home of the orc and ogre ancestors who gave rise to their race.

Carved Tusks

Orr'ug places of worship are often surrounded by giant carved bone tusks belonging to gigantic creatures now extinct.
The Orr'ug believe that the strength of these behemoths flows through their remains, and honoring them with shamanic rituals can imbue their warriors with the power of these ancient creatures.