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Stl Files

Within the fortified city of Vanguard in northern Rotvar, the dukes declared it was time to reforge an old oath.

With corruption seeping from Rodburg, relentless raids of mountain orcs and gnolls, and the looming threat of the Draconian Scourge, Vanguard needed to upgrade its defenses.

The Fighter's Guild, once obliterated by Tialevor in the Land of the Lords, must be resurrected once more, but it will need more than swords and shields. In the unforgiving Dragonpeaks, under the divine gaze of Kromatur, the reborn Fighter’s Guild undertakes the perilous quest to tame wyverns. A monumental challenge, but with these mighty beasts in their ranks, a flicker of hope is kindled in the hearts of Vanguard's people, promising a chance of survival.

Lady Marika, the Unyielding

"Steel sings the sweetest hymn when struck against the armor of the wicked." - Lady Marika

As one of the generals of Vanguard's most formidable mercenary companies, Lady Marika was elected by the Dukes as a pivotal heroine of war to accompany the reborn Fighter’s Guild on their campaign.

With a military record boasting dozens of victories against the gnolls and feral mountain orcs of the Rotvar hills, she was the quintessential candidate for this charge.

Clad in elegant plate armor and adorned with a hat featuring a majestic gryphon plume, this scarred veteran of countless battles wields a massive Flamberge.

Before the fiercest battles, she ignites her blade not with magic, but with a concoction of turpentine and pitch, a method that lends a terrifying, fiery aspect to her already formidable presence.

Known for her unwavering courage, Lady Marika stands as a steadfast bulwark against the darkness encroaching upon Rotvar.

Battlemage Matija, the Pious

"In the clash of steel and spell, my resolve is forged; for every fallen comrade, I carry forward the flame of defiance." - Battlemage Matija

Son of one of the Dukes of Vanguard city, Matija was not only trained in the art of the sword, but also educated in the arcane mysteries.

His mastery of both sword and spell quickly set him apart on the battlefield, quickly making him a trusted commander.

Despite his many victories, it was the harsh realities of war that truly shaped him. During a devastating encounter with the Draconian Scourge on the plains of Rotvar, Matija witnessed the obliteration of his platoon while defending a village from dragon-led raids. the loss galvanized him, turning grief into a steely resolve.

Having led a successful expedition to the Dragonpeaks, Matija now commands a newly bolstered force, strengthened by the addition of tamed wyverns. With these formidable beasts integrated into his army, the Vanguard Fighter’s Guild stands a stronger chance against future threats.

Genevieve of the Enchanted Lake

"In the reflection of every ripple, I see the intertwining of fate and chance; in every droplet, a story unfolds." - Maiden Genevieve

Genevieve is the youthful and spirited guardian of the enchanted Lake of Mirrors, located to the east of Vanguard city.

Her lineage traces back to an ancient circle of magi who lived in the woods, revered for their profound connection with nature, as deep and encompassing as the waters of her sacred lake.

Adorned in flowing robes, this wise and sagacious woman maintains bonds with creatures of the natural world, often considered mere myths by the uninitiated.

As a member of the Chivalric Circle, Genevieve brings a mystical dimension to their councils, her insights guided by visions that ripple across the tranquil surface of her lake, revealing truths hidden to others.

In the fortified city of Vanguard, her presence is a reminder of the balance between the people and the untamable magic that courses through Mundus. Her presence has been determinant in the quest of taming the wyverns of the Dragonpeaks; without her mystical guidance, the Dragonlord Kromatur and his cult would not have even allowed the Fighter’s Guild to reach the peaks.

Vanguard Wyverns

In the shadowed crags of the Dragonpeaks, the Vanguard Wyverns once thrived as untamed predators, their presence a plague to the Barbarian cult of Kromatur the Elder, the revered Dragonlord.

Initially, Kromatur permitted the Vanguard Fighter’s Guild to harvest wyvern eggs, but this led to interminable battles with the wyvern queen.

This uneasy arrangement was disrupted when the Draconian Scourge, a horde of evil Draconians riding Assault Dragons, launched a fierce attack on the peaks, targeting wyverns and humans alike.

Caught between the draconian onslaught and potential extinction, the Vanguard Wyverns found unexpected allies in the human fighters of the guild. During this desperate struggle, bonds of camaraderie and mutual survival were forged in the heat of battle, transcending the primal animosity between wyvern and man.

Mordraxis - The Wyvern Queen

Mordraxis, the Wyvern Queen, reigned supreme over the Wyverns of Rotvar, fearing only the wise Dragonlord.

Her wings casting vast shadows over her realm and her cry echoing as a sovereign command. Renowned for her indomitable spirit and fierce protectiveness of her brood, Mordraxis initially viewed the humans with suspicion and hostility.

However, as the Draconian Scourge ravaged her lands and threatened her offspring, a pivotal alliance was born out of necessity. In the chaos of a battle that could define the future of the Dragonpeaks, Mordraxis fought claw and wing alongside Lady Marika, Matija, and Genevieve, showcasing her fierce prowess and earning the respect of the guild's warriors.

Recognizing a common enemy in the Draconian Scourge, Mordraxis granted the Vanguard fighters stewardship over half a hundred young wyverns, fostering a new generation of bonded warriors to counteract the scourge's advances. She pledged to emerge from the peaks in times of great peril, ensuring her continued vigilance over both her wyvern kin and their newfound human allies.

This alliance marked a turning point for the Dragonpeaks, transforming the Vanguard Wyverns from isolated predators into honored guardians under the banner of the Fighter’s Guild, united by a shared purpose against a common foe.

Tempest, the Celestial Steed

Born from the first storm of spring, Tempest is not merely a creature of flesh and bone but a manifestation of the elemental forces of air and light.

With the majestic wings of a pegasus and the spiraled horn of a unicorn, Tempest embodies the purity of the skies and the power of the storm. His coat, a shimmering silver that reflects the light of the moon and stars, seems almost translucent, ethereal in its beauty.

From a young age, Tempest was drawn to the enchanted waters of the Lake of Mirrors, where Genevieve, the guardian of the enchanted Lake, first encountered the celestial being. Sensing a kindred spirit in the maiden whose heart was as untamed as the wind, Tempest formed an unbreakable bond with Genevieve.

Tempest wings can create gusts strong enough to scatter armies, and his mere presence inspires purity and courage in those who fight alongside him. In battle, he is a beacon of hope, galloping and soaring through the enemy lines, leaving a trail of light that lingers long after the fight has ended.

In times of peace, Tempest returns to the Lake of Mirrors, his presence keeping the waters clear and the land around it verdant and alive.