Amid the tempest floating islands, high above the tumultuous waters dividing the realms, the shadow of a god long forgotten emerges.

The slumbering fortress of Tur-Dracor roars back to life, under the reign of its awakened Dragonlord, Azgrathok!

Throughout decades of hidden deceit, dragon eggs were stolen, and after years of forbidden rituals in the black chambers of Tur-Dracor, a terrible army of Draconians and fierce Dragons now rise, a fiery testament to a divine feud now ablaze anew.

Prepare, for the children of the Chaos Dragonlord Azgrathok rise from Tur-Dracor, poised to ignite the skies and forge the future with the black flame of divine chaos.

Draconian Shock Troops

Emerging from the hatching grounds of Tur-Dracor, these draconian soldiers are the wrathful children of Azgrathok. Clad in obsidian armors as dark as their master's intent, they are a formidable force, armed with swords, spears, axes, and the mighty arbalests known as bolters. Winged and wrathful, they soar across the battlefield, an ominous wave of destruction under the banner of the Chaos Dragonlord.

Assault Dragons

Roaring from the heart of Tur-Dracor, the Assault Dragons are a terrifying sight. Born from stolen eggs and raised in the shadow of their chaos-touched sire, these formidable beasts stand as testament to Azgrathok's power. Each dragon, with its unique visage and formidable horns, is an embodiment of infernal adversity. These creatures serve as mount and menace, carrying their wingless brethren into battle or tearing through enemy lines with primal fury.

Commander Drakvarr

"In the heart of chaos, the strong prevail. The weak? They are but ashes beneath our claws."

In the hierarchy of Tur-Dracor, Commander Drakvarr stands as a fearsome pillar. Enormous and imposing, clad in an electrifying full plate armor and wielding the mighty storm halberd, Skysplitter, Drakvarr is both a beacon of strength and a harbinger of destruction. His reputation of unyielding courage and ruthless tactics echoes through the ranks, cementing his position as the Chaos Dragonlord's right hand.

Flamagath Blackflame

"In the black fire, I found my destiny. I am the burning wrath of the Dragonlord."

Flamagath Blackflame stands as a blazing testament to Azgrathok's favor. His onyx black skin is as dark as the flames he wields, flames gifted to him by the Chaos Dragonlord himself. A fire sorcerer of unparalleled might, Flamagath bends the black flames to his will, casting destruction upon those who dare defy Tur-Dracor.

Onixia the Tempest

"Chaos is a dance, a seductive whirl of power. Fall for me, and you fall for the storm."

Bearing the voluptuous form that belies her draconian nature, Onixia the Tempest is a bewildering enigma. Her potent mix of seduction and power is a deadly weapon, disarming her foes before striking them down with a surge of electric energy. Whether a chosen priestess of Azgrathok or the outcome of an experiment twisted in its brilliance, her loyalties lie with Tur-Dracor, and her potential is as limitless as the chaos from which she was born.

Azgrathok – The Chaos Dragonlord

"I rise from the ashes of oblivion, unbroken, unbound! Mundus, bear witness! Kneel before the tempest of chaos, tremble beneath my majesty!           The age of Dragons is nigh, and I am the dread sovereign whose rule shall restore the world."

Once brother to Ghaomir, the father of Kromatur, Azgrathok was all but erased from the annals of history. He was a looming shadow, the whisper of dread on the edge of memory. His power waned as his name was forgotten, his divine essence trapped within a Soulstone, sealed under the earth by the faithful Apostle of Ghaomir eons ago. Yet even gods can be bound, but never truly destroyed.

Throughout the ages, in the hidden corners of Mundus, the Chaos Dragon Cult kept the name of Azgrathok alive. His spirit, though suppressed, thrummed in the rhythmic chants of his faithful, and with each whispered prayer, he gained strength.

His return was catalyzed by an age of chaos and conflict, a convergence of destinies. Ghaomir was no more, struck down by Tialevor, the Tyrant-God who sought to obliterate the dragon's lineage from Mundus. Meanwhile, the power of Baalzrodan, the Demon King, was on the rise, a dark tyrant plotting dominion over Mundus from the depths of Aera.

In this volatile era, the soulstone imprisoning Azgrathok shattered, breaking his bonds. Rising from his subterranean tomb, the Chaos Dragonlord took to the sky once again. He settled in the center of the tumultuous Holmuran Sea, atop floating islands over a vast whirlpool known as the Divine Tempest, a natural barrier between Mundus and Aera. Here he built his fortress, Tur-Dracor, safe from mortal interlopers.

Having bided his time and gathered his strength, Azgrathok embarked on a surreptitious mission over the past two decades, stealing dragon eggs and nurturing a new generation of draconian soldiers and wicked dragons in the heart of Tur-Dracor. His ancient cult has now swelled into a formidable army, ready to wage war upon the world.

The threads of destiny are interwoven as Kromatur, the heir of Ghaomir, becomes the unwitting nemesis of Azgrathok. Meanwhile, the rise of Baalzrodan necessitates a showdown of tyrants, each unwilling to cede power. And Tialevor's relentless dragon hunt has provoked the wrath of the resurgent Dragonlord.

With a storm of chaos brewing, the world of Mundus teeters on the precipice of a war that could shatter the foundations of reality. The Chaos Dragonlord's roar echoes across the land and sea, a stark reminder of a forgotten power awakened, ready to claim what he believes is rightfully his.