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Gnolls were spawned by the Demon Raz'n'guul, born from a rotten tooth of the corruption goddess Melmora herself.

This fiendish offspring, cousins to the weaker Kobolds, live in nomadic tribes which raid through the lands of the mortals, offering fresh souls for their goddess.

The insatiable appetite of these beasts often leads them to madness and cannibalism.

The tribe of the Bonegnasher is composed by bulky and savage Gnolls who pillage through the lands of Rotvar, always on the lookout for new prey to tear apart.

Hyenafiend Riders

Vanguard of the tribe, the Hyenafiends combine the ferocity of the worg with the insatiability and brutality of the Gnolls.
Following the Matriarch's instructions, they scour the territories to find the best areas where to camp or hunt. In combat, their speed is essential to encircle their prey and facilitate their killing.

Yenogra The Matriarch

The Bonegnasher Matriarch has three key roles:
  • To ensure that the tribe always finds prey to hunt in order to avoid mauling each other,
  • Lead them in battle as warlord, and
  • Constantly face the pretenders who want to raise as new Matriarch.

Yenogra is a ruthless and bloodthirsty leader, cruel to the weaker Gnolls. It is said that she perfectly represents one of the three elements of the Demon Raz'n'guul: greed.

Shargat Skulldancer

Shaman of the Bonegnasher, his task is to immolate the souls of devoured prey to the Lady of Change and Pestilence, Melmora. In cases of prey shortage, Shargat decides which Gnolls to eat and sacrifice to appease their hunger.
The claws he possesses belonged to his brother who was eaten in a time of food shortage.
The resurrection of the Demon father Raz’n’guul is one of his main objectives.


A powerful fiend, spawn of Raz'n'guul. This six legged predator, provided with terrific bladed whips appeared in a dream to Shargat when Yenogra became the Matriarch, many years ago.

The prophecy was clear: if the Bonegnasher sacrificed six thousand mortal souls to the goddes Melmora within a month, the Stalkerfiend would become part of the tribe as a reward.

Led by Yenogra and Shargat, the Bonegnasher began what is known as one of the fiendish Wild Hunts across the realms of Rotvar, slaughtering and sacrificing to their goddes Melmora anyone they met along the way.

On the 6000th soul sacrifice, the nightmerish Stalkerfiend appeared before them as a gift from the Demon father Raz'n'guul for their loyalty to Melmora.

Perris Gnollslayer

As a nomadic tribe, the Bonegnasher are not easy to track down, and often by the time they do it is already too late.

That is why over the centuries the help of hunters or adventurers has been increasingly required to stop or at least locate the Bonegnasher.

Having survived a Gnoll raid, Perris grew up specializing in Gnoll hunting and became one of the most sought-after Gnoll hunter.