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The Nagarots are a cult devoted to the Serpent Yn'aga, one of the heralds of the Putrid-Goddess Melmora.

Before being killed by Sol The Holliest, Yn’aga gifted his Desert Alfar followers with his demon blood, turning them into Purebloods, immortal snake creatures with the task to corrupt the strongest living souls.

Nagarot Thralls

In one of the noble districts of the glorious city-state Setrek, capital of the sandy wastes of Denmora, Purebloods give birth to the Nagarot Thralls: beings of lesser races, often gladiators who survived the most brutal ordeals. The few warriors who can survive the process of being injected the Pureblood venom turn into this snake headed monstrosities.

Nagarot Crawlers

When Nagarot Thralls demonstrate great devotion after the cause of the Pureblood by eating the hearts of enemies they slain, his demon blood awakens transforming it into a Crawler, vicious snake-tailed monsters.

The ruthless and devious Crawlers lead the Thralls into battle and are no longer considered as slaves in their society.

Some of the greatest heroes of this cult belong to this twisted race.

Sethris Bloodhiss

It is said that in the past Sethris was a Wood Alfar captured in a raid at the sacred tree of Yaldain, and some rumors even say that she might be the missing warrior princess Selia. Her heritage would justify Sethris' incredible archery skills.

Sethris' transmutation from Thrall to Crawler was quick and violent, transforming her into the deadliest warriors in the Nagarots ranks. Despite not being a Pureblood, she occupies a very good hierarchy position and works as Nargskerak's bodyguard.

Nargskerak Darkskale

Nargskerak is one of the deadliest Arcanists devoted to pureblood princess Kseerix, and learnt the art of animancy directly from his patron Yn'aga.

After the death of his master at the hands of Sol, he carried out the beast's sacred mission: creating an unstoppable army of Nagarots to give prestige and power to Princess Kseerix.

Considered one of the most powerful and influential Nagarots, even not belonging to the Pureblood line, he has the ability to reanimate the powerful Skullnaga, one of the Avatars of the beast Yn'aga himself.

Princess Kseerix

Princess Kseerix is a powerful Nagarot Pureblood, and one of the Pillars of Setrek, enigmatic lords in command of the city.

As a mistress in the art of charm and witchcraft, she has the task of seducing special victims during the Demonic Ritual, such as heroes and commanders of other factions. If necessary, she can even morph her appearance according to the victim, in order to lower the physical and mental defences and speed up the corruption ritual.

Princess Kseerix objective is to convert Setrek in a Nagarot city, slowly taking control of all districts and converting herself to the one and only true ruler of the sandy expanses of Denmora.

Nagarot Sacrificial Shrine

The Nagarot temples in the sandy city of Setrek, characterized by the typical columns, are the places where sacrificial rituals and transformations are accomplished.

Maneater Skullnaga

The Skullnaga is one of Yn'aga's avatars. After the demon's death at the hands of Sol, Ghaomir’s herald, his body decomposed to the point where only bones remained, preserved by the Nagarot cult as a sacred relic in the sacred Snake temple of Setrek.

After many attempts to bring this avatar back to life, it was thanks to Nargskerak that the cult was able to bring back a fragment of the beast's life from the dead, sacrificing thousands of souls.

Rarely the bones of Yn'aga are bring to the battelfield to destroy ethe enemy ranks: rising the Skullnaga for a day cost the Nagarots an immense amount of arcane power, but this mindless monster is a powerful resource, a real machine of destruction and death.