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Arcane energy is one of the mysterious forces that governs the balance of the universe, a power so great as to entail great risks, but capable of changing the fate of the world. Eldanar, known as the City of Knowledge, is the legendary capital of the Arcane on Mundus. Here, the mysterious and reclusive Arcane Guilds operate to uncover the rules of the Arcane, protecting its darkest secrets from the clutches of evil.

Apprentice Arcanists

Arcanists are those who study the intricate principles of Arcane energy, rare and strange individuals who constantly challenge their will to further unravel the secrets and rules that dominate this wild energy.

The way of an apprentice is long and perilous, but well rewarded: the masters of Arcane energy shape it in every imaginable way, moving objects with thought, invoking the elements as they please, generating spectacular explosions and even opening portals to remote places of the universe.

Spells, forms of Arcane control born from the cleverness of past and present Arcanists, generate strong instability in the mind of those who use them, often damaging them irreversibly and attracting Planar Demons.

Summoned Elementals

Manipulation of the prime elements are the simplest way to harness the Arcane energies. Elemental Manipulation students are capable of channelling the primal forces of the elements into Spells of all sorts, and the best among them often engage in the dangerous art of summoning and bending to their will the mysterious primeval beings called Elementals. These creatures, called by the Druids “Primordials”, live far away from civilizations in total harmony with their element, represent the wildest and purest form of life of the universe.

The colossal Earth Elementals, whose body is composed by hard rock and earth, often sleep for ages under the deepest mountains.

Fire elementals, with a crackling flaming body, come from the canter of Mundus and volcanoes.

Water and Wind Elementals are the most mysterious and ephemeral, mutable and incorporeal beings that come respectively from the waters and from the clouds.

Volrunax Runebeard - The Guildmaster

“The power we develop in our journey is nothing more than the tangible manifestation of our duties: we must protect all the small things that make our place… a better place.”
- Volrunax Runebeard.

Indeed, it is rare for a dwarf to engage in the arcane arts, and even more rare for any of them to attain such a level of magical mastery that they can confront natural disasters and fallen gods as Volrunax did during his epic adventures.

A mysterious and evanescent figure, his gaze reveals the innumerable worries that engage a figure of his caliber: this old dwarf with arched eyebrows and a thick beard has fought against the forces of evil in countless existential planes, material and otherwise, to guarantee the balance and peace for the free peoples of Rotvar. When signs have hinted that an ancient dormant has awakened in the distant and legendary lands of the immortals in Aera, Volrunax has mysteriously disappeared to investigate what happened, always ready to make his move just before evil plays its part. turn in the big game of the world.

Cornelius Greathat

“The most mysterious and ancient energy lies in yourself. I can teach how to harness that power, but it is your responsibility to find a purpose for it.”
- Cornelius Greathat.

At the canter of the glorious City of Knowledge, stands the mysterious Arcane Tower, the place that houses one of the most powerful artifact of Mundus, the Arcane Mirror, a magic pool capable of finding the beings who are touched by magic in the realms.
At the top of that tower operate Cornelius, a wise-looking elderly man, wrapped in an embroidered tunic, wearing his great and dusty hat upon a troubled bushy brow.

Being part of the High Council of the Magi in Eldanar, Cornelius is extremely busy with tasks that the mere mortals can barely understand, but despite his great responsibilities, his fascination by youth and those who want to learn the rules of the Arcane makes him want to continue teaching the apprentices of the Guild.

Cornelius spent more than fifty years of his life with the greatest tinkerer and arcanist Gnomes of Eldanar to make the Arcane Mirror, which now is used to find those who are gifted with the skill of manipulating the arcane but are unable to control it, with the aim of guiding them, making sure that they do not represent a danger to balance and do not attract the Planar Demons.

Odessa Witchsword

"Quick child, jump into the portal! I’ll take care of these monsters who wish to feed on your Arcane gift!".
- Odessa Witchsword.

Whenever a youth affected by arcane energies unearthed by the Arcane Mirror is in danger, the brave Guild Spellblade launches into action like a lightning bolt.
Many Planar Demons or treacherous creatures such as the Slathaai, attracted by the unwary who cannot control their Arcane powers, have seen their end at the blade of Odessa Witchsword.

Trained by the Grandmaster of the Guild for twenty years, Odessa was freed by him from a group of slavers who exploited her bitter powers when she was just a child. Thanks to her teachings and the Arcane Mirror, she will ensure that no one else will have to suffer from her past while she is still alive.
Accompanied by her personal group of Spellblade apprentices, Odessa is now engaged in the search for the Grandmaster of her order, who has mysteriously disappeared in an investigation on the trail of a new cult that is springing up in Rotvar, which tells of a God walking among the livings and his ash army...

Marwina the Witch

" The choice is yours, young Arcanist. You can waste time among the dusty tomes of those old fools, or you can draw directly from the arcane veins of the world that your guild wants to hide from you."
- Marwina the Witch.

Not all scholars of the arcane arts serve the great balance and learn and increase their powers through study and discipline: the forbidden art of drawing from the same veins of the world is what the Demons do in Mundus, feeding on the primal energy of the planet.
Sorcerers and Witches are those Arcanists who learn to draw arcane power from nature itself just as demons do, gradually draining its core for their selfish desire for power.

When Arcane energy is stolen in this way, it corrupts the spirit of the one who harnesses it slowly.
Marwina, an ancient enemy of the Arcanists' Guild, is a terrible lonely witch who hides in the swamps on the border between the Forest of Arba and the deserts of Denmora. By luring, deceiving and sacrificing countless young apprentices, she extended her life for decades. She is said to hold the greatest secrets of youth, but not even the most infamous Witch Covens of Rotvar have been able to snatch these dark secrets from her.

Giant Clay Golem

Still as stone, neither alive nor dead, Eldenar's colossal Clay Golems protect the Arcane Tower and the Mirror from intruders and allow the few Arcanists who operate within it to pass. It is said that many years and the most intricate spells are required to build a Golem, but once the epic feat is completed, you have in your hands a very powerful and incorruptible guardian, highly resistant to any form of arcane or physical damage.

Eldenar's Clay Golems are dotated of a anti-arcane field who negate most of the Spells, and are able to pulverize a group of attackers with a simple punch.
They were donated by the Gnomish king to the City of Knowledge as thank for let his people into the city, after their underground kingdom was destroyed by the Slathaai.

Treasure Mimics

Like Gargoyles and Golems, Mimics are bizarre creatures created by the Arcanists guard and protect their valuable treasures.
Even if they can take many shapes, Mimics are often used as chests to guard precious tomes, scrolls, artifacts and gems. When the wrong person interacts with a chest Mimic, it immediately exposes its fearsome jaws to swallow the unwary who has dared to set foot in the home of an Arcanist.

As for every Arcanist creation, it’s is not guaranteed that creature will bind to the will of its creator: being smashed by a golem, destroyed by an elemental, ripped apart from a gargoyle or chewed by a mimic is a common fate of those fool apprentice that underestimate the task of creating a loyal servant.