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Worshipers of the ancient shapeshifter Goddess Melmora - The Lady of Change and Pestilence; the Kobolds are ignoble lizard-dog horned demons who move around hopping on two legs.

These short wicked monsters infest mines by stealing precious minerals and replacing them with toxic ones in order to spread the plague of their goddess. Cities with sewage systems are teeming with these evil and keen beings.

Adventurers should never underestimate Kobolds: their innate abilities to brew potent poisons, stab and hide could catch even the most veteran soldiers off guard.

Doggoz the Cagemaster

Even if the Lady of Pestilence favors the plague bringer and poisonous spellcasters, her clan need a strong and imposing general to command the swarm of undisciplined Kobolds to battle.

Doggoz is the biggest and baddest Kobold, perfect to subdue large amount of minions and lead them to victory. He loves to bring pieces of his victims inside his little backpack-cage...

Who knows what's inside that now...?

Kornutaaz The Plaguemancer

Plaguemancers are highly cunning Kobolds blessed by Melmora. According to the Plague Queen's plans, Kornutaaz is the perfect Kobold to bring pestilence and death to the surface world. After all, he earned his place as herald by taming the monstrous Plague Zeek tunneler.

Kornutaaz goal is to make sure the metal extracted by dwarves and humans would be cursed and highly toxic.

Ishtarra The Plague Queen

Chosen by the Goddess Melmora, Ishtarra is a powerful enchantress whose role is to conquer the great cities of humans by raising an immense horde of Kobolds right under their feet, in the sewers.

Her quest will be of vital importance when the Soulless armies of Tialevor will besiege the human fortifications: endless waves of Kobolds will emerge from mines and sewers to weaken the cities from within.

Even if she appears as a sort of beautiful lady, one knows the true origin and appearance of this witch, as for many other worshipers of the Lady of Change and Pestilence, Melmora.

Diggaz The Plague Zeek

Among the largest and deadliest Zeeks who infest the lands, the Plague Zeeks are probably the most terrifying. Giant armored worm-like monstruosity from the depths who spread death and plague, capable of causing earthquakes and destroy a town in few minutes.

The Kobolds decided to build a platform on top of the beast to shoot spells and arrows: lucky, Kobolds compensate their lack of wisdom with their huge number.

It is said that Kornutaaz managed to tame this huge beast with powerful sorceries and by hatching the egg himself. He called the thing: Diggaz.