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Born from the cursed lineage of the Firbolgs, the orcs are the chosen people of Duum, the Lord of War.

In the jagged peaks of the Blackcrag Mountains, numerous orc tribes have united under the iron fist of Throgar the Chainbreaker, now king of the orcs after saving his and many other tribes from slavery.

Renowned for their unyielding spirit and relentless ferocity, the Blackcrag Orcs believe there is no honor in defeating weaker adversaries; true honor lies in conquering worthy enemies through relentless trials of strength and endurance. Their brutal might and resolve, combined with strong clan bonds, forge an indomitable force against anyone who stands in their path.


Deep within the southern forests, once majestic apes have been twisted into fiends by the corrupting touch of Duum, becoming the fearsome Apefiends.

These towering beasts, with their bulging muscles and bloodthirsty eyes, serve as war beasts for the Blackcrag Orcs.

Apefiends possess an insatiable rage, making them perfect instruments of destruction. When unleashed in battle, they tear through enemy ranks with savage fury, their roars echoing like thunder.

Throgar the Chainbreaker King

"Be it with my axe or with my bare hands, I break the chains of our oppressors and forge our path to glory." - Throgar

Throgar, a legendary figure among all Orcs of Mundus, is known for his unmatched strength and tactical genius.

His rise to prominence began in the darkest depths of the Slathaai's subterranean cities. The Slathaai—tentacled creatures of the depths—enslaved orcs, forcing them into honorless pit fights and grueling labor in the mines, extracting precious arcane crystals. Born into this brutal existence, Throgar's youth was marked by relentless suffering and cruelty.

Barely an adult, Throgar’s spirit remained unbroken. Driven by an unyielding will, he orchestrated a rebellion against the Slathaai. With unparalleled courage and strength, he led his fellow orcs in a fierce uprising, slaying many of their captors and enduring a harrowing six-month journey through the treacherous depths to reach the surface.

When he finally emerged, he beheld the sky for the first time and heard Duum’s thunderous call, "THROGAAAAR!" The earth rumbled as he followed a vision of a wolf to the peaks of the Blackcrag Mountains.

There, at a forgotten altar, Throgar discovered the Chainbreaker Axe, a weapon said to be a gift from Duum himself.

Duum spoke to him, proclaiming his worthiness to wield the divine weapon and commanding him to erect the stronghold of Gor-Drakar, restore honor to the orcs, and spread the cult of the berserker god across Mundus.

Throgar, now known as the Chainbreaker, led countless raids to free orcs from ogre slavery and returned to the depths to liberate more of his kin from the Slathaai, teaching them the way of strength and honor.

His relentless pursuit of freedom and dominance embodies the unyielding spirit of the Blackcrag Orcs. Throgar’s presence on the battlefield inspires both fear and respect among his kin and enemies alike, making him a formidable and revered leader.

Lugzubur Doombringer

"Through broken bones and cracked skulls, I see the future written in blood." - Lugzubur

Lugzubur, the warlock leader of a Skutagaard orc tribe, was performing a ritual of smoke and bones when Duum, Lord of War, spoke to him. Duum revealed that a true leader would rise among the orcs and that Lugzubur's duty was to guide him.

After the Frostmetal clan was corrupted by the Lich Lord in the frozen lands, who had disguised himself as an Avatar of Duum to deceive the orcs, the once proud clan was transformed into immortal horrors. Lugzubur's duty became crucial in ensuring that no more orcs would fall for the tricks of the treacherous Lich.

Heeding this divine command, Lugzubur united his small clan and embarked on a perilous journey from the frozen mountains to the peaks of Blackcrag in the far west.

With Lugzubur's abilities and guidance, the orcs of Blackcrag grew even stronger. His feared and respected rituals channel the raw power of Duum to unlesh dark spells to bend the bones and the spirits of his foes . His visions guide the orcs in their conquests, heralding doom for all who stand against them.

Vesdra - Blackcrag Shaman

"From the depths of darkness, I summon the flames that cleanse and destroy." - Vesdra

Vesdra, born as a slave in the volcanic depths of the Dumlok, is a formidable shaman whose fiery abilities played a decisive role in the survival of the orcs.

In the volcanic caves of the Dumlok, the evil fire dwarves of the depths, Vesdra connected with the primal fire, unlocking a latent power within her. She slowly learned to manipulate fire, a skill that became her salvation when she was sold to the Slathaai in her youth.

During the rebellion against the Slathaai, a few years after her time with the Dumlok, Vesdra’s flames scorched their tentacled captors and illuminated the way through the treacherous depths, ensuring the orcs' escape to the surface.

When Throgar and his liberated kin reached the peaks of Blackcrag, Vesdra’s abilities were instrumental in solidifying their new stronghold, Gor-Drakar. Her fiery prowess not only forged weapons and defenses but also symbolized the burning spirit of the Blackcrag Orcs.

Vesdra’s presence on the battlefield is a harbinger of destruction, her flames consuming all who dare oppose the might of the Blackcrag Orcs.

Goradrash - Blackcrag Manticore

"Flesh and bone, fear and terror; these are the offerings I demand." - Goradrash

The survival of the orcs in the Blackcrag Mountains was constantly menaced by Goradrash, the fearsome manticore whose reign of terror made the mountains nearly uninhabitable.

Goradrash, with the body of a lion and the tail of a venomous scorpion, boasted large wings adorned with fur and chitinous plates, powerful lion-like limbs, and a mane with spikes that could be shot at great distances.

Her horrifying anthropomorphic face, framed by sharp teeth, struck fear into all who beheld her. A true monstrosity, Goradrash was a creature of legend, her origins unknown.

Intelligent and malevolent, Goradrash taunted the orcs, her voice echoing through the mountains, promising death and despair. Many orcs fell prey to her insatiable hunger, and Throgar could not allow his kin to continue being devoured. Determined to avenge them, he ventured into Goradrash's lair, a cavern strewn with the bones of her victims.

The battle that ensued was legendary. Throgar, armed with the Chainbreaker Axe, faced the manticore alone. Their clash was a brutal symphony of roars and battle cries, with Throgar's unyielding might matching Goradrash's savage fury. Blood stained the cavern floor as Throgar endured the manticore's venomous stings and deadly spikes.

In a final, desperate effort, Throgar delivered a mighty strike that brought Goradrash to her knees. Recognizing his dominance, the manticore bowed her head in submission. From that day forward, Goradrash served as Throgar's mount, a proof to his power and the fierce spirit of the Blackcrag Orcs.

In battle, Throgar astride Goradrash inspires both fear and awe. Her wings beat against the sky, her roar shakes the earth, and their unbreakable bond, forged in blood and fire, stands as a symbol of the Blackcrag Orcs' indomitable strength.

Duum Shrine of Blackcrag

Perched atop the Blackcrag Mountains lies the Duum Shrine, a sacred place of reverence and power for the orcs. This ancient altar, where Throgar first discovered the legendary Chainbreaker Axe, was the site where Duum, the Lord of War, called out to Throgar and directed him to his destiny.

The Duum Shrine is now the most sacred place of the Blackcrags. Only the most significant and honorable duels are fought in it, where the blood spilled serves as an offering to Duum. The shrine, surrounded by jagged peaks and shrouded in an eerie, perpetual mist, resonates with the echoes of ancient battles and whispers.

The orcs who fight at the Duum Shrine do so with the knowledge that they are under the watchful eye of their Lord. The shrine is a place where honor, strength, and the will of Duum converge in a brutal dance of blood and steel.