The Bloodhunt

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Bloodhunt Knights

The Bloodhunt Knights were the first Soulless Vampire troops to be sent to the mortal lands of Rotvar when Tialevor's Arcanists succeeded in recreating the Astral Portals used by demons during the ancient invasions.

Thanks to the portals, the Tyrant-God's troops were finally able to cross the spiritual barrier between Aera and Rotvar. This barrier was created by the Dragon-God Ghaomir, who sacrifice himself to defend mortals from Tialevor.

When they arrived on Rotvar, the Bloodhunt Knights, led by the sons of Drakenmir himself conquered the citadel of Rodburg after exterminating the entire population; a fortress hidden in a corroded and poisonous land scattered by graveyards hosting the countless victims of the demonic invasions of past ages.

By taming the Bloodfiend bats and forging terrific blood infused Vampiric armors and weapons, the Drakenmiryan brothers and their court began to capture the souls of Rotvar's peoples to feed the Astral Portals, thus allowing the Tyrant-God to send more and more troops, until Rotvar too would fall into his hands!

Bloodfiend Riders

Bloodfiends are large bat-like predators haunting the lands of Rodburg.

It is said that the first bloodfiends were regular bats who absorbed the corruption of the first demonic invasions, converting them into blood thirsty flying fiends.

Vladkeron Drakenmiryan

Vladkeron is Drakenmir's second son. After going through the terrific Soul Fasting ritual and thus converting himself to a Vampire Lord, his anger and strength was even greater, showing no mercy and total cruelty against the people of Rodburg in Rotvar.

Tialevor orders were clear:

Vladkeron had to lead the vanguard of Bloodhunt Knights with the sacred mission of capturing souls in the lands of Rotvar, so that those souls can be used to feed the Arcane Portals and expand the dominion of the Tyrant-God by sending new troops.

Obeying Tialevor, Vladkeron started the cruel Blood Hunt, haunting the lands of Rotvar in constant search of souls to sacrifice, hoping in this way to prove his father his worth to ascend as successor.

Lenora Drakenmiryan

Lenora is the first daughter of the Dark Lord Drakenmir.

After passing a brutal ritual required for a Vampire of noble heritage to ascend to Lord/Lady of Darkness, the highest rank of vampire nobility after Tialevor High Priest, Lenora was chosen together with her brother to lead the Bloodhunt Knights in their attack on the kingdom of Rodburg.

After the great victory, Tialevor himself ordered Lenora to guard and defend the new settlement. Obeying the Tyrant-God, Lenora, at the command of her bloody knights and flying on her vampiric owl protects the citadel, providing a safe entry to the mortal lands for the troops of the Tialevor.

Vampiric Barbajiann

It is said that before he was corrupted by the Vampires, this majestic owl was a spirit protector of the sacred Yaldain tree.

As loyal servant of the vampire king, he was entrusted to Lenora to help the Bloodhunt Knight in the conquest of Rotvar. Thanks to his perfect eyesight and supernatural senses, he flies through the lands, surrounding the Citadel of Rodburg, killing any threat that dares approach the new vampire domain.

Akela the Cursed

Soulless who fail to pass the Soul Fasting ritual converts into cursed demons with the wings of a bat.

Sent all over Rotvar, these flying creatures hid in the shadows of the night; their beauty bewitches even the strongest spirits, devouring their souls and draining every drop of blood from the unfortunate. After awakening from a centennial sleep, Akela, the first of her cursed species, is driven by an insatiable thirst for souls and blood.

Graveyard Ruins

Surrounding the Rodburg Citadel, labyrinthic graveyard ruins are scattered across the corrupted lands, hosting crypts and sarcophagus of the countless victims of the demonic invasions from past ages.