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Drake Riftwalker

"Among the flames, I see not just danger, but opportunity – the chance to claim my destiny."

Drake, a dexterous and charming rogue, considers himself a seasoned plane pirate, navigating the treacherous sands of the City of Intrigues, ruled by Devil Baal. His elegant movements with his rapier belie his years of experience surviving in a city of endless corruption and deceit. With a cocky demeanor and a trusty partner in Aurora Darkember by his side, Drake's daring plan unfolds: to challenge Ifrit, Monarch of Flames, and claim his Fire Gem, binding Ifrit to serve the bringer of the gem and selling the fiery monarch to the highest bidder.

His plan was born unexpectedly when he and Aurora stumbled upon a mysterious portal in a dusty ruin below Setrek, that lead to the Plane of Fire, few miles away from the majestic Temple. Driven by his thirst for adventure and riches, Drake seized the opportunity, knowing that the fiery depths of Ifrit's domain held untold treasures and dangers. His confidence never wavers, even in the face of the fiery trials that await him, as he leads his companions deeper into the heart of the temple.

Aurora Darkember

"Where others see inferno, I see opportunity, my spirit aflame with the challenge."

Aurora, born of Alfar and Demon heritage in the desert city of Setrek, is as deadly as she is beautiful. Her rogue skills and mastery of archery make her a formidable adversary, her lithe frame moving with grace and precision in battle. Clad in revealing armor that reflects her succubus lineage, Aurora's stunning appearance belies her lethal prowess as she navigates the treacherous terrain of the Plane of Fire alongside her partner, Drake Riftwalker.

Though cold and reserved, Aurora's loyalty to Drake is unwavering, as they venture together into the depths of Ifrit's Temple. Her interest in sharing adventures and treasures with Drake is evident, as they face the fiery trials ahead with determination and skill. With her keen eyes never missing a mark and her arrows finding their targets with deadly precision, Aurora proves herself to be an invaluable asset to the group as they strive to claim the Fire Gem and secure their fortune.

Dumak Bronzebolt

"To unravel the mysteries of the cosmos, one must brave the inferno. Ifrit's temple beckons, and I heed its call."

Fascinated by the external planes and the arcane, Dumak, an orc of formidable strength and intellect, embarked on a lifelong journey to uncover the secrets of Mundus. His path led him to study for several years in the depths of Golemmar, the city of the Gnomes nestled within the Denmora Desert. Clad in armor carved from a Golem of Golemmar and wielding a storm-enchanted gnomish bronze hammer, Dumak ventured into ancient tombs and ruins, battling all manner of monsters along the way.

His quest eventually brought him to Setrek, where he crossed paths with the dynamic duo of pirates, Drake and Aurora. Excited by the prospect of traversing the Temple of Ifrit in the Plane of Fire, Dumak eagerly joined forces with the pair. For Dumak, knowledge is the ultimate prize, and he seeks no other compensation than the opportunity to explore the mysteries of the temple. This pact suits the pirates well, as they now stand united, their combined strength ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

Setrek Kobolds

Hailing from the desert city of Setrek, these Kobolds have adapted to the harsh environment, featuring elongated ears to dissipate the relentless heat of Denmora's Desert. Thriving as the lowest rung of society in the City of Intrigue, Setrek's streets are teeming with these diminutive creatures, often forced into lives of servitude as miners, mercenaries, or even thieves.
In the depths of Ifrit's Temple, several desert Kobold stand as silent sentinels, their presence a mystery to all but those brave enough to venture into the fiery depths. Legend has it that they arrived there after angering Djinn Alzakhm, who teleported them into the fiery Plane of Fire. Lost and disoriented, they wandered until they stumbled upon the Temple of Ifrit. His influence twisted their minds, enslaving them to the will of the Fire Monarch, Ifrit, as they now await the arrival of intruders, bound by his fiery command.

Infernal Spirits

Pure manifestations of chaotic flame, these floating fire orbs roam the Plane of Fire. They hurl fireballs and can explode upon defeat or at will, only to reform from fire in the weeks to come. Arcanists summon their stronger versions, the fire elementals, though these infernal spirits are no mortals and exist beyond the realm of mortal comprehension. Their eerie glow illuminates the darkness of Ifrit's Temple, killing the mortals foolish enough to traverse these extra planar realms.

Stone of Ifrit

In the inner sanctum of the Temple of Ifrit, amidst the searing flames and billowing smoke, rests the towering Ifrit Stone. A colossal slab of obsidian, etched with ancient symbols and inscriptions, it depicts a bas-relief of Ifrit, the Monarch of Flames, towering over mortals who kneel in reverence before him. Legends whisper of a time long past, when Ifrit was a ruler so mighty that he dared to challenge the very Lords of Mundus themselves.

Ifrit - The Monarch of Flames

"Once rulers bowed at my feet, now mortals seek to bind me. Let them come, for in the flames of my temple, they shall find only ashes."

Born from the primal fires of creation, Ifrit is the embodiment of unbridled fury and infernal power. As the first of the Elemental Monarchs, his ambition knew no bounds, seeking to challenge the Lords of Mundus and claim dominion over mortals. With pride as scorching as his flames, he set his sights on usurping Omuba, the Lord of Flames, in his quest to become a god.

Yet his arrogance proved his undoing, as the Lords of Mundus, guardians of the divine order, decreed a punishment befitting his hubris and that of the other Elemental Monarchs. Imprisoned within the fiery depths of his temple, Ifrit's fate is now intertwined with that of mortals whom he sought to bind to his will.

Should a mortal survive the perilous monsters and lethal traps of his temple and defeat Ifrit in battle, they will be rewarded with a Gem containing Ifrit's essence, to summon at their command.

Legends speak of the daring few who have sought to unlock the secrets of Ifrit's temple, venturing into the treacherous depths in search of power and glory. To confirm this tale, Volrunax, esteemed Guildmaster of the Arcanist Guild, spent much of his life searching for the Temple of Ifrit but wisely chose not to disturb the slumber of the Monarch.