Swamp Gurunda

Set Nº 23


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The amphibious people of the swamps, with slimy skin and innate resistance to poison, assault anyone who dares to set foot in their territory, in a symphony of croaks and cursing. While cowardly small Gurundas assault the enemy in large numbers, the massive Bull-Gurundas, often guarding ceremonial places, are not afraid to face any opponent.

King Sgrakkor III

High king of the Gurundas, conqueror of lands and lakes. As he levitate on his majestic throne, his wild chaos magic destroys or commands everything. After centuries of fighting with the lizards, Sgrakkor III finally decides to sign a pact of non-war with the King of the Goldmaw Tribe, hoping for a future alliance to increase his power.

Rosputakk Venomtongue

Champion among the Gurunda, he was chosen among the best warriors by the King himself. Rosputakk flanks his troops by firing lethal poison arrows, leaping from rock to rock so that he always has the best angle of fire.

Giant Horned Demonfrog

Considered a deity by the Gurunda, this immense and unique legendary creature requires constant sacrifices to satiate its gluttony. King Sgrakkor the third convinced his people that it is a great honor to be devoured by the gigantic Horned Demonfrog, and the Gurundas vying to be the next sacrifice.

Krakia - Gurunda Pinup

Favorite daughter of King Sgrakkor III, Krakia has been given a beauty out of the ordinary among the Gurunda, which males and females are normally indistinguishable. Her grace is said to be due to forbidden spells cast by the King.

Holmuran Temple Ruins

Nobody knows who built these ancient temples dedicated to Holmuran, the god of lakes and the sea. Naturally connected to this ancient and powerful deity, the Gurunda are used to haunt the ruins dedicated to this god.