Noble Alfar Knights

Once part of a united lineage in the lush Forest of Arba, a clan of Alfar chose the path of war and exile against Tialevor's darkening rule in a forgotten age. In a distant land and time, they are now known as the Noble Alfar, who built resplendent cities where magic and architecture coalesce in defiance of nature’s laws. Governed by the enigmatic Council of the Five Cloaked Magus, they search of a power that might rival the same ancient Lords of Mundus. Cloaked in ornate golden armor, armed with finely crafted weapons, and driven by unmatched zeal and discipline, the Noble Alfar march on a crusade with pride and fervor against the forces of corruption.

Goldhorn Cervid Riders

By hoof and spell, we trample the darkness.
- Noble Alfar, Goldhorn Cervid Rider

Riding on majestic Goldhorn Cervids, these Noble Alfar blend the agility of their enchanted steeds with their extreme martial prowess with blades and bows. These mystical cervids, creatures of the same lineage of the immortal cervine spirit known as the Forest King, pledged loyalty to the Alfar after their defiant exodus. Now armored in finely crafted Alfar plate, both rider and beast charge into battle, embodying the indomitable spirit of their people.

Eliora the Dawnbringer

In the face of darkness, I am the dawn that banishes shadow. Stand with me, and know the warmth of victory.
- Eliora the Dawnbringer

Eliora, revered as the Dawnbringer, holds a legendary status that few among the Noble Alfar can rival. She was born under the star of Aurelian, a celestial body said to herald champions. Clad in golden plate armor that glimmers like the first light of dawn, Eliora brandish an elegant Greatblade, with each swing radiant arcs or blazing fury ceaves through darkness and foes.
Her sacred book, inscribed with oaths to defy corruption, amplifies her indomitable spirit, turning her into a living beacon on the battlefield.

Eliora greets even the direst of foes with an unnerving smile, her confidence a blazing aura that rekindles the courage of those who fight beside her. As she fuel the crusade against the minions of the Tyrant-God, her name, Eliora, is whispered as a prayer by Alfar young and old— a beacon of hope against the inevitable return of Tialevor.

Seraphion – The Lustrous Flame

"Let the wretched servants of Tialevor cower in the dark; my flame will sear the corruption from their bones and light the path to their damnation."
-Seraphion, the Lustrous Flame

Seraphion, known as the Lustrous Flame, is a legend among the Noble Alfar. Born to the lineage of gifted arcanists, he outshone even the prodigies of his people. As a young Alfar, he felt an insatiable hunger for arcane mastery, a yearning that led him to uncover spells and incantations long lost to the world of Mundus.
This preternatural prowess could not remain hidden, and he was summoned by the Council themselves for scrutiny; yet, even their ancient eyes widened as his Intricate and beautiful arcane energy danced at his fingertips like green flames yearning for freedom. They named him Seraphion, for his aura shone with a luminosity akin to the celestial realms.

In the battlefields, he is tempestuous yet elegant, a swirling dance of chaos flame and infernal spheres. A radiant smile graces his lips as he engages in combat, confident in the Arcane mastery he wields and the cause he serves. To fight alongside Seraphion is to know you battle with a living legend; to stand against him is to face the very fire that burns at the heart of the Noble Alfar's unyielding spirit.

It is whispered among allies and foes alike that his ascendant power is the vanguard of the Noble Alfar's relentless crusade against the corruption that Tialevor and his minions would sow.

Lythalia Whisper of Secrets

"Knowledge is a weapon; I ensure it remains in the right hands."
-Lythalia, the Whisper of Secrets

Running across the sun-scorched rooftops of a city steeped in intrigue within the Deserts of Denmora, a lone figure swiftly navigated the labyrinthine alleys below. With a knowing smile, she secured a scroll bearing secrets that could imperil Lord Baal himself. Returning to her refuge among the Noble Alfar, she is more than an assassin; she is a guardian of hidden lore. With a blade as keen as her cunning, she safeguards the arcane knowledge that could topple kingdoms. Her trust is a rare treasure, even more elusive than the ancient scrolls she protects.

Elthorion – The Crystal Warden

In an era long forgotten, there was a hero among the Alfar named Elthorion, whose valor and wisdom were unparalleled. Slain in the great war against Tialevor, it was believed his spirit was lost to the Void. However, the Council of the Five Cloaked Magus discovered ancient texts hinting at a forbidden rite that could bind the soul of a departed hero to a corporeal form. After centuries of deciphering and preparation, they conducted the arcane ritual, channeling Elthorion's lingering spirit into an ancient stone and crystal construct, thus birthing the Crystal Warden.

Covered in intricate Alfar-crafted plating, and pulsating with arcane energy, this monolith of power stands as a living testament to the Noble Alfar's relentless quest for strength and defiance against corruption. With the ability to generate powerful arcane shields and unleash devastating energy blasts, the Crystal Warden is not only a formidable foe but also a beacon of hope and a symbol of the indomitable spirit of the Noble Alfar.

As the Crystal Warden takes the battlefield, allies find their resolve steeled and their magic empowered, while enemies stare up in awe and terror, realizing the extent of the Noble Alfar's commitment to their sacred cause.

Noble Alfar's Shrine

The Noble Alfar's Shrine stands as an emblem of their resplendent civilization, nestled within the cradle of a rocky mountain adorned with an ethereal face that whispers echoes of forgotten times. At its side, an elden tree, enigmatic and ancient, emerges entwined with the stone. 

Carved into the rock, a spiral stairway ascends, a testament to the union of nature and artifice in their once-grand cities.