Set Nº 58

Jadeshell Turtlekin

Deep within the vast Forest of Arba, shrouded in mystery and ancient magic, reside the resilient Jadeshell Turtlekin people. Little known to Men and Alfar, these small, turtle-like beings are masters of jade craftsmanship, inhabiting the forest's dampest regions. Emerging from years of relentless conflict with the amphibian and lizard tribes, a new era unfolds as King Sgrakkor III, the supreme ruler of the Gurunda, weary of bloodshed, proposes peace to the Jadeshell tribe.

Embracing this accord, the Turtlekin join a formidable Covenant with the Gurunda and Goldmaw Lizards, marking a new chapter of unity and strength in the heart of Arba.

Giant Snails Riders

The gigantic snails of the Arba Forest, although seemingly slow and harmless creatures at first glance, are actually aggressive predators whose slime is highly corrosive. They have a particular appetite for minerals and metals, which they absorb and accumulate in their tough, iron-like shells.

Their gelatinous flesh is virtually invulnerable to blades and arrows, which they envelop and assimilate through their acidic secretions, becoming the bane of any adventurer clad in shining armor and sword. The Turtlekin, skilled in dealing with the creatures of the Arba Forest, are capable of training these snails as fierce war beasts.

Tokun - The Travelling Merchant

"Tokun has the things if you have the time to listen to an old story or two.”
- Tokun the Travelling Merchant

In the enchanted Forest of Arba, Tokun, a wise and ancient Turtlekin lorekeeper, roams as a traveling merchant. Once a daring treasure seeker and a gifted wizard, he spent his youth exploring the forest's hidden depths, uncovering mysteries, enchanted trinkets and powerful treasures.

Renowned for his magical prowess and mastery over his staff, Tokun bravely faced the various perils and creatures that dwelled within the forest.

Now, at over 800 years old, he has retired from his adventurous past, and finds joy in wandering the Forest of Arba, trading his unique collection of enchanted treasures and common goods, such potions and popular scrolls, and trading tales and wisdom with fellow adventurers and wanderers. His presence is a bridge to the ancient secrets and stories of the mystical forest he calls home.

Tso'ok Raging Wrath

" As the fist clenches, so does fate; within my strike, lies the certainty of defeat."
- Tso'ok Raging Wrath

The mysterious Tso'ok, legendary bearer of the dark fist, is undoubtedly one of the most formidable warriors of the Arba Forest.

Tso'ok believes that no fighter can truly be considered such as long as they rely on unnecessary tools of war like swords or staffs. Through a life dedicated to becoming the ultimate weapon himself, a dark flame ignited in Tso'ok's heart. This flame grew with every defeated opponent, fueling his desire for increasingly violent and challenging duels.

Once a guardian of balance, his deep dive into forbidden combat techniques transformed him. His soul, now intertwined with the primal energies of wrath and fury, resonates with the untamed spirit of the forest. In his secluded temple, deep within the forest and surrounded by ancient ruins, Tso'ok continues to hone his formidable skills, awaiting a challenger worthy of his might.

His presence is both feared and revered, symbolizing the fine line between control and chaos in the art of battle.

Terra - The Gigatortoise

Terra, the Gigatortoise, is an extraordinary entity in the lore of the Turtlekin.

Enormous in size, Terra has roamed the depths of the Forest of Arba for centuries, shrouded in the legends and reverence of the forest people. This gargantuan tortoise of impenetrable skin and adamantine shell, is considered by the Turtlekin to be a living embodiment of the earth's ancient wisdom and strength, a guardian of time and nature. Her longevity surpasses the oldest of Turtlekin, leading to the belief that she has observed the unfolding of countless eras, quietly witnessing the ebb and flow of life in the forest.

Seen as an elder spirit of the natural world, Terra's presence is a reminder of the enduring strength and resilience inherent in all living things. Her existence ties the Turtlekin not only to their ancestral roots but also to the enduring pulse of the natural world around them.

Yatl - Jadeshell Beauty

As is often the case with amphibian and reptilian creatures of the Arba Forest, it's challenging for a human to distinguish between a female and a male Turtlekin. Yatl, a Turtlekin explorer, stumbled upon an ancient cursed jewel during an expedition deep within the Arba Forest. Unaware that the amulet was crafted by the Hags, the feared witches of the forest known for creating artifacts with ominous effects, she carelessly wore it around her neck.

The artifact transformed Yatl's appearance within hours, bestowing upon her traits unusual for a Turtlekin. Now bearing a unique figure, Yatl has become a subject of intrigue among her fellow Turtlekin.

Jadeshell Shrine

The small prayer sites known as the Jadeshell Shrines can be found deep within the Arba woods, constructed of stone and adorned with gold and jade. These sacred monuments are used by the Turtlekin as altars and places of worship for their religious ceremonies. It is said that meditating in these places is highly restorative for the soul and mind.