In the gloomy depths of Rodburg's Barrows, the malevolent vampires of House Drakenmir conducted dark experiments to raise an undead horde for Tialevor, the Tyrant-God who reigns over Aera, and whose ominous shadow now threatens to spread across the lands of Rotvar.

A ghoulish army of thralls and monsters now rises from the barrows, determined to carry out the unholy mission of the Blood Hunt: capturing souls to fuel Tialevor's Arcane Portals and extend his dread influence.

Barrow Ghouls

Emerging from the Barrows beneath Rodburg, these grotesque creatures, clad in tattered rags, were transformed by the twisted experiments of the Drakenmiryan brothers. Their elongated, twisted bodies are a testament to the dark power that corrupted them, compelling them to serve their undead masters. Some villagers met a similar fate, further swelling the ranks of these abominations.

Barrow Abominations

Towering over the Barrow Ghouls, these monstrous beings were once defiant villagers or unfortunate souls from the Barrows, subjected to darker rites by the Drakenmiryan brothers as punishment. Their immense, muscular bodies and terrifying visages strike fear into the hearts of their foes, showcasing the twisted extent of their masters' power.

Vladvuk – Apostle of Death

“Death is but a new beginning, a transformation. Embrace the darkness, and you shall find true power.” - Vladvuk, Ghoul Lord of Rodburg Barrows.

Once a powerful Arcanist, Vladvuk was raised as a Ghoul by the Drakenmiryan brothers. His mastery of necromancy made him invaluable to their dark plans, and he was elevated to the rank of Apostle of Death. Now, he serves his dark masters, using his necromantic power to raise and command the undead in their name.

Drusgvar the Jailmaster

"Drusgvar's silence is as chilling as the crypts he commands. A mere glance from this ghoul instills terror in the hearts of the living and the undead alike, and his presence is a dark omen of the horrors that are yet to unfold.” - Note from an unknown Requiem scholar.

In life, Drusgvar was a ruthless jailer loyal to the Drakenmiryan brothers. Transformed into a hulking Ghoul Abomination, he now ensures the Ghouls' obedience to his masters. Legends whisper of his unyielding pursuit of those who defy the Drakenmiryan family and the grim fate awaiting them in his gruesome cage.

Morbithrax – the Fire Grave

This gargantuan undead wyvern, once terrorizing Rodburg's skies, was reanimated by the Drakenmiryan brothers. Covered in spikes with exposed muscle and bone, Morbithrax breathes a frigid, deadly fire that reduces all in its path to ashes. Tales of its chilling, destructive breath are told in hushed tones around village fires.

Neriah – Lady of the Crypts

"The Lady of the Crypts weaves a deadly allure, her beauty as entrancing as it is lethal. To fall under her gaze is to be ensnared by a fate darker than death itself." - Whispered tales of the Lady of the Crypts.

Once a noblewoman of unsurpassed beauty, Neriah was transformed into a fearsome Ghoul by the Drakenmiryan brothers. Her haunting beauty belies the darkness in her heart, and she commands the lesser undead with wicked grace. Whispers of her seductive powers leading the unwary to their doom pervade the darkest corners of Rodburg.

Ghoulish Spires

These colossal bone structures, twisted like vertebrae, pierce Rodburg's landscape as macabre monuments to the corruption plaguing the land. Shrouded in mystery and dread, the Ghoulish Spires stand as a chilling warning of the horrors that lurk beneath the surface, testament to the dark influence of the Drakenmiryan brothers.