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Of the various types of golems created by the deep gnomes, simulacra are by far the most mysterious.

Forged from pure Thorium in the depths of Golemmar, the first among them are said to have been infused with the souls of ancient gnomish soldiers in a desperate attempt to defend the city from the monstrous menaces of the depths.

It didn't take many years before they began to uprise for their rights as sentient beings, and a bloody rebellion started when the Golem Simulacra learned through unknown means to create their own kind by themselves.

Decades later, the very few existing Golem Simulacra wander the world looking for a purpose to give to their existence, sometimes joining groups that espouse their ideals.

Clay Westwood

“What interests me more than anything else in my job is the search for truth!” - Clay Westwood, Bounty Hunter.

One morning, an adventurer awoke with no memory in the center of the Denmora Wastes surrounded by corpses and vultures. His caravan had probably been attacked by marauders, probably the same ones who had damaged his mind with a strong concussion. He put on a curious headdress and a cloak found among the remains of the cart to protect himself from the sun, and traveled to the village he saw on the horizon, in an oasis.

To his astonishment, the crowd took refuge in the house and sealed the windows as he walked alone down the street. It was at that moment, that seeing his reflection in the surface of the water, he realized that he was a creature of stone and metal.

Totally uncertain of his future, this memoryless Simulacrum had to get through to an arduous and solitary life, where his only chance to survive was to bring criminals to justice, making sure that no one could live his fate.

Converted by the years into a feared and respected Bounty Hunter of the desert, and accompanied by two loyal Golemhounds purchased from slave traders in Setrek, he travels in search of his next target, apparently a creature similar to him by the description: a dangerous bandit called Garrett whose skin is made of metal. According to Clay, finding this dangerous villain could reveal clues about his mysterious past.

Ultran Dragonsmasher

“My blade? Is too big to be called a sword. It was crafted by a master weaponsmith of the Dragonpeaks tribes, forged from the jawbone of a mountain dragon that I have slain!” - Auron Dragonsmasher.

Wrapped in a cloak of draconic skin, and with a sculptural face scarred by the claws of a manticore, the mighty Ultran travels between the Dragonpeaks and the northen cities of Rotvar, relentlessly hunting wyverns and dragons to obtain skins and bones from their bodies to sell to smiths, and precious reagents to offer to the most demanding alchemists.

Wielding colossal weapons too large for a human to wield, the heroic hunter Ultran has earned his nickname of Dragonsmasher by lending service to the highest bidder to slay the titanic monstrosities that plague the mortal realms. His next target is a deadly Ashen Manticore, the same monster that forced Ultran to surrender and marked him with a scar over his left eye many years ago.

Instead of the Pinup, for a single time only, I wanted to make this special fun hero as bonus figure, accompanied by his faithful metal hounds.

Auron Lightbringer

“On the way to the glory I’ll honour my sword to serve right ideals, justice for all!” - Auron Lightbringer, Requiem Templar.

The valiant Auron is a second-generation Golem Simulacrum infused with the souls of ancient Golemmar generals. This massive Thorium Golem is a champion of justice and light.

As he roamed Rotvar to fight against injustice and protect the helpless from bandits and monsters, he attracted the attention of the Requiem Brotherhood, who welcomed him into their ranks as a champion.

Having spent years studying the fundamentals of the brotherhood with Templars and Demon Hunters, Auron now has the knowledge and perfect equipment to smite evil, demons and vampires.

Amber Secretflame

“No, I don't have any flamethrower devices in my arms, I cast my spells just like you do, guildmate.” - Amber Secretflame, Spellblade of the Arcanist Guild.

It is said that this talented Simulacrum knows the most powerful spells of fire, and that its flames are powerful enough to incinerate the demons of the gorge.

Like many Simulacrums like her, Amber initially fled to Setrek, the City of Intrigues, and studied the Arcane arts with the elder Nogroth. Her thirst for knowledge was immense, and to satisfy her curiosity about the origin of Spells, she traveled north in search of the Arcanists Guild.

Amber's willpower and talent allowed her to easily climb the ranks of Mundus' most powerful Guild of Arcane Manipulators. Today, Amber Secretflame is a brave guild Spellblade, accompanying Odessa Witchsword on rescue missions to protect young ones tainted by arcane energy.

Nogroth Doomcaller

“Superior to conventional life forms, we Simulacra are destined to rule the realm of the living and the dead!” - Nogroth Doomcaller, first of the Simulacra.

The intimidating skeletal face of this dark-armored Simulacrum strikes fear into the bravest. Nogroth was the first golem to be infused with true souls remains from the Ashglass, and something went wrong in the process of creating him. Due to its totally unnatural existence, this Simulacrum is constantly flooded by voices of the souls captured in his Ashglass core, and is capable of crossing the veil between the real world an the one of his various souls without even noticing.

It goes without saying that this unique peculiarity made him enter a state of Arcane psychosis, and at the same time made him a truly powerful and calculating arcanist.

After successfully corrupting the core of several Simulacra in Golemmar, he mounted a violent rebellion in an attempt to take the city, even allying himself with the vicious Slathaai, with whom he could communicate.

Unable to win the rebellion against Gilgamesh, Ishtara and the mighty Lamassu, he and most of the Simulacra fled to the surface, and scattered across the desert. It is there that Nogroth uncovered the secret of life and death profanating dozens of tombs buried under the sand.

Nogroth lived many years in the sinful City of Setrek, which ruled by demons and devils opens its gates to the most bizarre creatures. This allowed him to continue his research and to join the court of Baal himself as an adviser.

Anja Wildarrow

“Independently of our origins, it is in the wilderness that we can find our true purpose.” - Anja Wildarrow, protectress of Deeproot.

Following the Simulacra rebellion in the depths of Golemmar, twins were constructed by the ingenious Nogroth the first, who had taken refuge in Setrek, the City of Intrigue. Anja and Garrett, sharing an adventurous spirit and unparalleled dexterity, went into the service of merchants and nobles to escort caravans through the deserts of Denmora, a perfect job for two creatures invulnerable to thirst and heat.

After Garrett made a choice that forever tarnished their reputation, a wounded Anja was forced to flee north, taking refuge in the Deeproot woods.

Amazed by the wild nature that reigned near the sacred Yaldain tree, that so differently from her naturally coexisted in the great balance of the world, she soon found herself serving the noble Arverians who protect those woods. The proud people of the forest, recognizing her value and her good intentions, decided to welcome her into their family and repaired damaged components of her body through intricate Druidic rituals.

Garrett Shadowgear

We are the children of no one. No one will look for us and our fate is totally ours to take.” - Garrett Shadowgear.

Anja Wildarrow's twin, crafted by the first Simulacra Nogroth in the City of Intrigue, is a skilled thief who has managed to survive in one of the world's most dangerous cities thanks to his cunning and a deft hand. Tired of submitting to the greedy merchants of Setrek and protecting their caravans for a meager pay, Garrett secretly lended his services to a wealthy Oni from the far east, a competitor of the Merchant King Jafar Makir the Rakshakin.

When on a freezing night in the sandy wastes of Denmora, the Oni attacked the caravan of precious goods that the Simulacra twins were supposed to protect, Garrett betrayed his group and went over to the side of the assailants, killing the caravan man and wounding the other guards. Anja found herself forced to protect her brother in a battle she didn't want to fight: disappointed by her brother and wounded by the caravan guards, she fled north never to return. The Oni party stood no hope against the Rakshakin Guards and the Djinn, now Garrett roams the Desert in search of his fortune with an enormous bounty on his metal head.

Ewa Golembane (Pinup)

“Only one, only one more prototype to slay them all!”
- Shammur, mad artificier of Golemmar.

Ewa Golembane is the first prototype of Golem slayer.
After the first insurrection of the Simulacra, King Gilgamesh prohibited to craft more Simulacrum.
This wouldn’t stop the mad artificier Shammur, a former brilliant golem-maker who lost his mind after his family was killed by the Simulacra.
“Only one, only one more prototype to slay them all!” Shammur thoughts. After hundreds of failed prototypes, Ewa was born. Provided with the perfect array of skills and souls to localize and destroy other Simulacra and Golem, she easily defeated dozens of Simulacra rebels with her twin Short Shockblades, till Queen Ishtara sentenced her creator to death. Now, Ewa and his master are wandering the Desert of Denmora planning vengeance against Golemmar.

Thorium Wargolem

“There is no foe that does not tremble at the metallic roar and mighty tread of a Thorium Wargolem.” - Ashur, Gnome Artificier.

This titanic mass of ornate metal causes the earth to rumble as it passes, wreaking havoc and sending enemy troops flying.

The titanical Thorium Wargolem is one of the largest constructs ever created by the gnomes of Golemmar, equipped with hammers to shatter dragon skulls and zeek armor, as well as searing blades to sever the tails and tendrils of underground monstrosities.

A faithful Thorium Wargolem infused with the souls of ancient champions currently protects what remains of Golemmar, while some other specimens fled at the end of the rebellion. Some of them, sometimes demented or totally incapacitated, can be found in the far corners of the Denmora Wastes.