Goldmaw Lizardmen

Set Nº 07


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These cold-blood creatures are at the top of the food chain in their jungle. Hunters and Warriors of their kind, the Goldmaw Lizards are also well known for their ability to smith and build accessories, weapons and even majestic temples in pure Gold.


Since Xol'Toa the Goldmaw Prince raised as commander of this lizard tribe, they entered a new Gold age, and his name has been given to the whole tribe. Xol'Toa is in fact well known for having built the Golden Temple to appease the wrath of the Quetzalcoatl guardian. Ally with the Incas Princess and her people, he's ready to defend his majestic tribe at any cost.

Sky Terror

The only thing scarier than Xol'Toa leading his Goldmaw Lizards... it's him leading them while riding a giant Sky-Terror! Even if outsiders thinks of them as wild beasts, these giant flying Lizards are close relative to the Goldmaws, living in the same tribe and even speaking their language.

Kaztot Stormcaller

Spiritual guide of the Goldmaw tribe, Kaztot is well known for his strenght and wisdom. He's defending the secret Goldmaw Temple location summoning gale and storms when the outsiders approach. Coming in two versions: with our without thunderbolts.

Coaxoch The Duchess

Priestess of the Goldmaw Tribe and daughter of Kaztot, Coaxoch "Serpent Flower" is cuttently the only one who can speak with the Queztalcoatl guardian. She has played a key role in the alliance with the human Incas Tribe.