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Threatened by the treacherous creatures of the Depths and the recent Simulacra rebellion, the ingenious Gnomes of Golemmar have combined animancy and geomancy to develop technologies and weapons to survive the unforgiving underworld. Although many of them have fled the Depths to take refuge in Eldanar, the city of Knowledge, the most tenacious Gnomes defend Golemmar under the protection of the Priestess-Warrior Ishtarra and the powerful Heroic-King Gilgamesh.


Golemmar Gnomes

The Gnomes of the depths, also known as Golemmar Gnomes, are an ingenious and mysterious race of small humanoids highly akin to magic, passionate about precious stones, minerals and gems. Gnomes are said to be distant cousins ​​of the Dwarves, albeit thinner and even smaller in size.

Centuries of research and studies dedicated to the use of Arcane energy to improve their underground life, have led the Gnomes of Golemmar to a very advanced technological development, giving life to numerous artifacts designed to give energy to their underground cities, extract the most precious minerals, and finally defend against the most aggressive creatures of the depths.

The Golems, massive creatures employed to defend the city of Golemmar, were invented by this cunning race and took their name from the capital; but recently, souled Golems called Simulacra, have rebelled and fled to the deserts of Denmora.

Today, many families of Deep Gnomes live in cities such as Eldanar on the outskirts of the war with the Slathaai, who after enslaving several underground villages, aim to conquer the glorious city of Golemmar, ruled by King Gilgamesh and the Queen Ishtara.

Depth Diggers

Sharing the same habitat for very long years, the massive species of Zeek known as Depth Diggers have been a constant threat to the Gnomes, to the point of bringing them to the brink of extinction. To dominate this species of huge rock-eating arthropods with mighty jaws, the Gnomes developed machinery capable of generating sounds capable of rudimentary communication with the young of this species. Through low or high tones that may sound like music, the Depth Diggers can be trained by the Gnomes to live in complete symbiosis with them, assisting them in mining and defending settlements.
The hard chitin shells of these Zeeks can be used as armor and weapon material, and their eggs are a nutritious form of sustenance, used with deep roots even to make a sweet liqueur.

Gilgamesh – King of Golemmar

“As long as I sit on Golemmar's throne, the slimy Slathaai won't be able to breach our glorious city!”
- Gilgamesh, King of Golemmar.

Born in the heart of the mountain, the legendary Hero-King Gilgamesh reigns with Queen Ishtara the Gnomic cities of the underground between Rotvar and Skutagaard. Born in a time of adversity and forged by hundreds of battles against Dumlok and Slathaai, this Gnome ascended the throne by defeating in battle a voracious Delani, a huge dragon of the depths that threatened to destroy Golemmar after having swallowed hundreds of Gnomes and razed several towns to the ground.

Gilgamesh is also a famous geomancer and echanter, known as lord of the Golems, from which the Gnomic capital takes its name. Over the course of his existence he built hundreds of Golems, to protect his kingdom: giants who proved indispensable to deal with the monsters of the depths, given the small size of the Gnomic people.

Although many of his likes have fled to the surface due to invasions, the brave and cunning Gnome King continues to defend his people against the treacherous Slathaai, protecting centuries of culture and art enshrined in Golemmar's city.

Ishtara – Queen of Golemmar

"Even if the battle is won with the sword, it is with wisdom that we end a war."
- Ishtarra, Queen of Golemmar.

The noble Isthara is the Priestess-Warrior Queen of the deep Gnomes, paragon of wisdom and strength according to the Gnomic culture. Unlike those who sat on the throne before her, Queen Ishtara fought on the front line each battle that saw her people as the protagonist, armed with armor and swords in pure thorium, and accompanied by her faithful guardian Lamassu. According to the Gnomic tradition, in fact, each princess is assigned a guardian beast since her birth. Ishtara erected several temples dedicated to battle veneration and beauty, bringing culture and prosperity to the kingdom of Golemmar.

Golemmar Lamassu

Powerful feathered wings, a massive bull-like body, lion hair and anthropomorphic head are the characteristics of a Lamassu, legendary beasts that once guided the peoples of Mundus with their wisdom. These sacred beasts were once widespread in the Rotvar plains, dedicated to protecting ancient sites of cults, sarcophagi or temples, but dragons have reduced their numbers to a few. In the depths of the underworld, however, it is said that a single lineage of Lamassu has accompanied members of the royal house of Gnomes for countless centuries.

Golemmar's Lamassu, guardian of Queen Ishtara since her birth, is a ferocious beast that proves invaluable against the onslaught of the Slathaai for its total immunity to magic and the soul arts.

Princess Mylitta - Golemmar Pinup

The Golem construction discipline for the Gnomes of the depths is a true art, and Princess Mylitta is one of its greatest exponents. Passionate about beauty and harmony, she is the one who created the design of the most recent models of Golem and Simulacra.

Golemmar Ruin

The ancient settlements of the Gnomes razed to the ground by the Slathaai, house ancient statues in ruins representing the Ancient kings of Golemmar. These massive sculptures have witnessed the destruction brought by the treacherous monstrosities of the depths, and the courage and resilience of the Gnomic race.