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Born of wild spirit and the whisper of leaves, the Lurikeen are the pure-hearted shortfolk of the forest, their essence deeply rooted in the heart of the Forest of Arba.

Under the colossal canopy of Yaldain, the great Tree of Life, lies their secret sanctuary, Deeproot - a mystical wood cradled by the towering roots that arc across the forest floor.

Here, alongside the Arverians, they serve Feythornaax, the supreme guardian of this sacred realm.

Like eternal children of the woods, the Lurikeen traverse the lands of Mundus with adventurous spirits, poised to unveil the profound secrets hidden within.

Gifted with fey heritage, the Lurikeen possess the mystical ability to vanish into thin air, a trait so elusive that some believe they are merely the stuff of legend. 

Mystical Foxes of Deeproot

The Mystical Foxes of Deeproot are enigmatic creatures, imbued with the forest's arcane essence.

Known for their glowing eyes and ethereal fur that shimmers under moonlight, these foxes are as curious as they are elusive.

Some Lurikeen form deep bonds with these foxes, taming them as companions or mounts. These partnerships are built on mutual respect and a shared love for the hidden groves they call home, allowing the Lurikeen to traverse the forest with unmatched grace and stealth.

Willow Thornfoot

"The best battle is the one that is never fought. If my scouting skills can help my people hide in times of peril, then my duty is fulfilled." - Willow Thornfoot 

Willow Thornfoot, the agile Lurikeen ranger, thrives in the shadowy underbrush of Deeproot.

Skilled in the art of stealth and archery, she protects the borders of her hidden homeland from those who dare to trespass.

Her arrows are as sharp as her senses, and her path is guided by the whispering winds of Yaldain. Willow is a fierce protector, revered for her bravery and her bond with the creatures of the forest. 

Baggo Elderleaf

"In every leaf, a library of lore; in every twig, a tale." - Baggo Elderleaf

Beneath a leaf-crafted, pointy hat and a long beard that marks his venerable age, Baggo, an elder Lurikeen erudite, roams the ancient groves of the forest.

As a wandering wizard, he has explored the deepest mysteries of the Forest of Arba for centuries. Nestled under the massive roots of Yaldain, he has mastered arcane arts and witnessed the secrets of the Arcane unfold.

Accompanied by his barn owl, Leopold, and wielding a staff carved from Yaldain itself, Baggo serves both as a guardian and a scholar of Arba’s deepest secrets.

His wisdom is revered by those who value the forest's lore, and his counsel has resolved many conflicts among the diverse factions of the forest. 

Faelin Oakwhisper

"Listen closely, the forest speaks to those who dare to hear." - Faelin Oakwhisper

Faelin Oakwhisper serves as the priestess of the verdant temple beneath Yaldain.

Her voice carries the weight of the forest, and her visions are woven with the threads of ancient magic.

As a spiritual guide, she leads the Lurikeen in rituals that celebrate and renew their bond with the earth and its spirits. Faelin is a beacon of serenity and strength, inspiring those around her to live in harmony with the natural world.

Gifted with the rare ability to commune with Yaldain, she interprets the Tree of Life’s will, guiding what is best for the forest. This connection makes her invaluable in forging and maintaining the alliance with the Arverians of the forest. 

Feythornaax - The Elder Forest Dragon

Amidst the secret groves and shrouded mists of Deeproot, under the arched roots of the Tree of Life Yaldain, slumbers Feythornaax, the Elder Forest Dragon.

Born from the very essence of Arba's oldest woods, Feythornaax’s scales shimmer with the ever-changing colors of the leaves.

Marking his ancient age, a long beard hangs like roots, while majestic antlers adorn his head like solemn tree branches.

Feythornaax holds a sacred place in the hearts of the Lurikeen. As the guardian of the depths of the Forest of Arba and herald of the Lady of the Trees herself, he is revered as a semi-divine figure.

The Lurikeen do not worship him in the manner of gods but honor him as the ancient protector of their home and the living symbol of the forest’s might and mystery.

Feythornaax seldom stirs from his slumber, but when he does, it is with the grace and majesty of the forest itself. His rare appearances are considered omens by the Lurikeen, inspiring their songs and stories, a living proof of an old age when the Lords and Ladies of Mundus walked the earth with mortals.

Elders among the Lurikeen teach that Feythornaax, in his youth, once roamed freely across Mundus to fight the battles of the Lords. Now, wiser and less inclined to violence, his role serves as a figure of balance and renewal for the forests he embodies, teaching the master druids among the Lurikeen, Arverians, and Wood Alfar.