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Bronzeclad Greatgoblins

Clad in intricately carved bronze cuirasses, the Bronzeclad Greatgoblins stand as the pinnacle of goblinoid evolution: towering, cunning, and insatiable in their lust for conquest. Hailing from the rugged heights of Cragjaw Mountain, they are the vanguard of a new era for their kind. Under the iron-fisted leadership of Bolg Magnus, they are poised to lay siege to the legendary city of Anphitria, setting the stage for their ultimate goal: the subjugation of all Rotvar.

Bolg Magnus - The Conqueror

"Goblinoids have grown weak and greedy; a shadow of our former glory. I, Bolg Magnus, will forge our destiny. Rotvar will bow!"
- Bolg Magnus

Haunted by the lost glory of an ancient goblinoid empire, Bolg Magnus is a visionary with a dark obsession. He believes the goblinoids have fallen from their once-majestic heights, becoming mere shadows of their former selves. Fueled by this conviction, he raised a formidable army and overthrew the Goblin High King of Rotvar, who had presided over the decline of the goblinoid clans. Now, as a self-proclaimed dictator with imperial ambitions, Bolg Magnus aims to extend his dominion beyond the goblinoids to all sentient races of Rotvar. Astride his fearsome Ignis Chimera, his first target is the legendary city of Anphitria. A master tactician and ruthless leader, Bolg Magnus is a villain in the eyes of many, yet in his own mind, he is the savior his people need. His name alone is enough to strike terror into the hearts of the free peoples and inspire unwavering loyalty among his followers.

Brutus the Unbroken - Champion of the Arena

"You are a warrior, not a insect. Now stand up, catch your breath and fight me with all your strenght!"
- Brutus the Unbroken

Captured as a young Greatgoblin by Minoc soldiers in a skirmish, Brutus found himself sold into slavery in the low districts of Anphitria. A wealthy merchant, recognizing his untamed ferocity, thrust him into the pit fights of the Colosseum. Over the years, Brutus's reputation grew, and the crowds clamored for a showdown between him and the reigning Minoc champion, Tavros. Yet, such a duel never transpired, as both gladiators were too valuable an asset to risk losing.

Bolg Magnus, who had witnessed Brutus's prowess in the arena, saw the potential for something greater. Using a cadre of goblin scouts and thieves, he orchestrated Brutus's daring escape. Offering him a chance at true freedom and a role in the empire he envisioned, Bolg won Brutus's loyalty. Now, as one of the most prized warriors in the Bronzeclad Greatgoblin army, Brutus fights not as a slave, but as a free Greatgoblin, committed to the cause of reclaiming their lost glory.

Cassia Lyresong - Greatgoblin Pinup

"My harp sings the songs of old, my sword writes the tales of the new."
- Cassia Lyresong

Born into a lineage of Greatgoblin arcanists and lorekeepers, Cassia was always destined for a life less ordinary. Her family guarded ancient scrolls that spoke of the lost goblinoid empire, fueling her dreams with tales of heroism and grandeur. However, her path took a sharp turn when her village was raided by rival goblin clans. Her family's scrolls were stolen, but Cassia managed to escape with her life and her harp.

Wandering through the lands, she honed her skills in both music and combat, becoming a bard of exceptional talent and a warrior of considerable skill. Her journey led her to the Bronzeclad army, where she met the great commander Bolg Magnus. Intrigued by his vision of a restored goblinoid empire, she joined his cause, seeing it as a way to reclaim her family's lost legacy.
As the Enchantress of Battle, Cassia is both the muse and the melody of the Greatgoblin army.

Ignis Chimera

In the annals of Rotvar's mythical beasts, few are as feared or as awe-inspiring as the chimera. The Ignis Chimera is a monstrous amalgamation of a lion, a goat, and a serpent, whose origin are unknown. Once a scourge that roamed the wilds of Cragjaw Mountains, the Ignis Chimera was tamed by Bolg Magnus himself in a daring feat that solidified his reputation as a leader of unparalleled courage and skill.
Now, armored and ridden by Bolg, the Ignis Chimera serves as the ultimate symbol of the Bronzeclad Greatgoblin army's might and the embodiment of their quest for dominion.
With its lion's maw capable of spewing hellfire, a serpentine tail delivering venomous bites, and a goat's head whose gaze can hypnotize and drive foes to madness, the Ignis Chimera is more than just a beast of war—it's a harbinger of the apocalypse. Its presence on the battlefield signifies that the Bronzeclad Greatgoblins are fighting not just for victory, but for a new era.

Greatgoblin Nightmaulers

"When the moon rises over Cragjaw, and the Nightmaulers prowl, know that doom is upon you."
- Bolg Magnus

The Nightmaulers, colloquially known as Owl-Bears, are formidable creatures native to Rotvar that combine the brute strength and ferocity of a bear with the keen instincts, agility, and predatory prowess of a bird of prey. Elite warriors within the Greatgoblin ranks undergo rigorous training to master the art of riding these daunting beasts—a training that often concludes with the Nightmauler devouring the would-be rider. Those who succeed become Nightmauler Riders, serving as the vanguard of the Greatgoblin army. Their arrival on the battlefield is a harbinger of impending doom, and their collective roars reverberate like a death knell through the valleys,